Alois – Ocean Ground


Ocean Ground

Single, Digital
Released 31/01/2020

If you ever get sucked in by a whirlpool, don’t try to resist it. You will run out of strength and eventually drown. The only way to free yourself from a vortex is to remain composed, hold your breath and allow it to pull you all the way down to the ground where, inevitably, it will set you free. The same protocol would apply to just about any calamity life might throw at you.

Ocean Ground, the forthcoming single from Swiss electro-pop outfit Alois, was inspired by a real life episode with a river vortex. Luckily, no one got hurt and a soothing, buoyant song with a strong balearic accent was born. The track marks the beginning of a new chapter for the project, a shift away from the indie-styled aesthetics found on their debut (Mints) and towards an idiosyncratic fusion of styles with mildly dance-floor oriented streak. Their music is polyrhythmic, liquiform and iridescent. But, most importantly, it is played live by a group of seasoned musicians with great chemistry, who also happen to love live improvisation. So, if you ever happen to see Alois live, don’t be surprised if Ocean Ground sounds more like a live remix than the version you already know.